It’s 102 degrees outside. A woman in a pickup truck parks next to me at the bank. She’s got a submissive, sweet natured yellow labrador inside the truck with her. She tries to put a leash on the dog to take him out, but he moves to the passenger side. The woman says, ‘Okay, fine!’ and rolls the window down 2 inches and then locks the dog in the truck and goes into the bank. (I was pretty sure she went into my bank, but wasn’t sure).

The ditzy blonde manager is alarmed to see me, a crazy guy with a long beard, running into the bank and sweating. I tell her about the dog locked in the truck and she replies with, “Uh, I think she left the truck’s engine on with the AC running!” Wait… did I miss that? I run back out to the parking lot. Nope. Truck engine is off, dog is panting with his muzzle stuck out the window.

I run back into the bank, flash the manager a Deniro and then spot the owner: “You can’t leave a dog locked in your truck in this kind of weather, lady! You just… can’t… do it!” She replied, “But he wouldn’t let me put the leash on him to take him out!” Me: “Then you need to climb in there and get him! No excuses!”

She followed me out to the parking lot and opened the driver’s side door. Again, the dog jumped over to the passenger side. She then closed the door and walked around to the passenger side, opened the door and the dog just sat there and let her put the leash on. So, basically– she was willing to risk her dog’s life because she was too lazy to walk around to the other side of her truck to put the leash on her dog and take him inside the bank with her.

What would you have done?