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Obedience Training 

Does your dog pull on the leash when being walked? Does your dog bark incessantly? Does your dog cower when other dogs are around? We can help train dogs and their owners to be comfortable in all of these situations.
Improve Your Dog's Behavior

Behavior Modification

You deserve a dog that listens to your every command, and Tampa Bay K-9 Solutions has the skill and experience to make that a reality. We specialize in behavior modification to resolve typical dog behavior problems.
End Poor Behavior Problems

Private Lessons

This one-on-one instruction is designed to give you and your dog our full attention. Whether you’re looking to improve the obedience of your dog or train your dog for competition, this training is the quickest and most effective way to train.

No matter which format you choose to train your dog, we will provide you and your canine companion with the utmost respect and care while addressing your needs. We tailor our training packages to your lifestyle, your dog’s ability-level and the desired level of training you desire for your dog.
Invest in Private Lessons

Board and Train

We also offer training while they are boarded with us. So whether you’re looking to fine-tune your dog’s behavior skills or address a behavior issue, we can board and train your dog and make everyone happier when you are reunited.
Training Made Easy
Canine Consultant since 2008
We offer a variety of Canine Consultancy services for you and your dog. From training and obedience to performance and nutrition, we offer our experience and guidance to help make your canine companion lifestyle an enjoyable experience.
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