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Create a Better Relationship Between You and Your Dog

Get a jump on training your new puppy. Starting as early as three months of age, your dog can receive top-quality training at Tampa Bay K-9 Solutions! Our dog training packages will establish you as the alpha and help you create a better relationship between you and your dog. You deserve the best training available for your pet.

Read on to learn more about our packages and add-ons, or contact us today at 813-769-9690 to enroll!

S.T.A.R. Puppy Program 

Designed for dogs ages 3 – 12 months, this program is the pre-cursor to the Canine Good Citizen program. Includes six weeks of personalized private lessons for basic obedience training and teaches you the basics of being a responsible pet owner. Upon completion of the six-week program, you and your dog will go through a 20-step testing process and, upon passing, will receive your American Kennel Club S.T.A.R. Puppy Award.

Jumpstart Program (Basic Program) 

Geared toward new pet owners with a dog who is at least three months old, this program handles all of the imprinting work with your dog through one week of in-house professional board and train imprinting followed by four private sessions and three follow-up group lesson support. This program is not recommended for families with busy lifestyles, as the follow-up sessions are imperative to your dog’s success. Basic coverage includes obedience commands, housebreaking help, and new pet owner questions and concerns. 

Canine Camp (Intermediate Program) 

This program is aimed at the modern family who might not have a lot of time available to take on full hands-on training. Designed to go further in depth than our Jumpstart Program, Canine Camp structures your pet to a higher standard. Dogs are required to be at least six months old for the program, which includes a two-week in-house professional board and train session followed by two private training sessions. This program also includes six months of unlimited follow-up group lesson support. Coverage includes mid-level obedience commands and nuisance behavior correction.

Canine College* (Full Immersion Advanced Program) 

Designed for dogs six months or older, this “off-leash” based program will challenge your dog and take you and your dog’s skills to the ultimate level. This program prepares your dog to be able to join their family on any outing by working them under the most extreme levels of distraction.

Through a full three-week in-house professional board and train session followed by three in-home or off-site private training sessions, this program covers advanced level obedience commands and all in-depth behavior modification training. You will also receive unlimited lifetime group lesson support and automatic enrollment in our Canine Good Citizen testing with enrollment in this program. Training tools included but not limited to: E-Collar Technologies pro Educator 900 System, six-foot training lead, mesh PLACE cot of any color combo, and any other training aids utilized throughout the program.

Group Lesson Support

  • 3 months: $200
  • 6 months: $350
  • 12 months: $600
  • Individual private training sessions: $85 or in-home for $100
  • Professional in-home consultation: $65
  • E-collar Technologies Pro Educator System: $24.99
  • Mesh PLACE Cots: Medium $45, Large $60, X-Large $70
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Tampa Bay K-9 Solutions is family-owned and operated. We are focused on making your dog a friend for life. Training them to be obedient on and off the leash, our guidance and experience help strengthen the bond with your canine companion as well as correct behavior problems. 
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