Obedience Training

Make Your Dog Comfortable in All Situations

If your dog has behavioral issues such as pulling on the leash during walks, barking, or cowering when other are around, let Tampa Bay Solutions help to train both and your four-legged friend to be comfortable in these situations. You can trust us to help you have a better relationship with your pet.

We offer a wide range of obedience training programs for all dog breeds:
  • Basic and advanced dog training
    • One-on-one private sessions
    • 21-day board and train "canine camp"
Read on to learn more about each program, or contact us at 813-769-9690 for pricing and scheduling information!
Dog training

Basic Dog Training

Whether you've got a brand new puppy or an adopted K-9, your new family member will require training to learn the structure and leadership skills they need. Count on Tampa Bay K-9 Solutions to help you prepare your dog for a smooth, easy, family integration experience. 

We offer basic dog training in one-on-one private sessions or a 21-day board and train "canine camp." The training program will be tailored to your unique lifestyle, your dog's ability level, and the level of training you're looking for.

Basic training includes the teaching of simple commands such as "sit" and "down," proper leash walking, house, and housebreaking, among other things. Your pet will learn all the basics from our experts.
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Did You Know?

Tampa Bay K-9 Solutions is family-owned and operated. We are focused on making your dog a friend for life. Training them to be obedient on and off the leash, our guidance and experience help strengthen the bond with your canine companion as well as correct behavior problems.

Advanced Dog Training

If your dog has already completed the basic dog training program, whether with us or another accredited training program. Take him or her to the next level with our in-depth, advanced training program!

Our excellent advanced training program challenges both your pup and yourself as a handler. As bond and trust levels are amplified and you increase your understanding of proper training techniques.

The advanced dog training program is available in one-on-one private sessions or our 21-day board and train "canine camp." Each training package will be customized based on your dog's ability level and the level of training you wish to achieve. Pick the level that will work best for your family and your pet.

Advanced training focuses on off-leash walking, commands such as "down" and "stay," teaching a "place" command, and basic tricks such as shake, roll over, and more. You'll be amazed what your dog can do!
Advanced dog training
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