Board &Train Program

Enroll Your Dog in an Intensive Multi-Week Training Program

Does your pet need an extensive training program that will eliminate unwanted behaviors? In our most intense training program, your dog will stay with us at Tampa Bay K-9 Solutions for 10-21 days. During this two- to four-week training program, your dog will learn a variety of skills in our safe, air conditioned facility.

Rest assured, your dog will receive complete respect and care while having their needs addressed. Our training packages are customized to suit your lifestyle, your dog's ability level, and the level of training you want your dog to achieve. We will return your dog to you fully trained and ready to be a loved member of your family.

Contact us at 813-769-9690 for pricing information or to enroll your dog in our board and train program today! 
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Family-Owned and Operated.

"Would not trust 
anyone else with our 
four-legged loved one."

- J. Macintosh

Did You Know? 

Tampa Bay K-9 Solutions is family-owned and operated. We are focused on making your dog a friend for life. Training them to be obedient on and off the leash, our guidance and experience help strengthen the bond with your canine companion as well as correct behavior problems. 
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