Meet Our Family

Rick Carde - Owner & Master Trainer

With almost a decade of knowledge and experience, Rick adds a foundation to our family far beyond most. Formerly from the northeast, Rick started out in a career as a cardiac nurse for many years. When his family decided to get their first four legged member, they found themselves in a situation. They had a dog that was out of control! He quickly searched for a trainer and quickly found out the lack of quality of training. 

After putting their dog Lexi through an unsuccessful program, he was ready to give up, but luckily he found a great trainer and quickly fell in love with the ability to change animal behaviors with simple and clear communication. Soon thereafter the fire started, and he was able to mentor under that same trainer for 3 years, and realized this was his calling. He left his career as a cardiac nurse and started Tampa Bay K9 Solutions and never regretted a day since. Specializing in Behaviorism, he learned he had the talent to communicate with the dogs on their level. 

Rick resides in Tampa with his beautiful family and his personal pack of Stryker, Drako, and the newest member Phokus, all an important part of the TBK9S demo dog team.
 the newest member, all an important part of the dog team.  

Stacey Eisenhart - Team Trainer

Stacey is an amazing addition to our team, A Florida native and avid dog lover who better to make our family complete. Certified through the animal behavior college and American Kennel Club she brings not only the knowledge but the passion for training. Not being able to have Pet dogs as a child, once Stacey started a family of her own they got their first pet a Boxer named Rocky. 

Like most first time puppy owners Stacey was at a loss and struggled greatly with common puppy behavior and really didn't know how to handle it. After attempting to rehome Rocky more than once, her passion kicked in and she realized there had to be a better way. "I decided to train him myself." By not giving up she realized this what she needed to do, help others change lives one dog at a time. Stacey, a proud mom of three beautiful daughters, now trains daily with her current dog Cali to make her the newest member of the TBK9S demo dog team.

Nicole Taggart - Marketing Manager

Nicole a Boston Native who was a client of our company is now a vital part of the Family... Nicole is a busy mother of two and a Fur Momma to a pair of unruly Boston Terriers Kemper and Brinkley. Growing up in the age of AOL messenger, she quickly found her voice on websites and social media platforms. 

Nicole is the behind the scenes front woman. Handling all our social needs, she brings her passion for dogs to the table capturing that perfect shot of your pets, arranging all of our Famous Group Outings, and just keeping us inline most of the time. 

Taking every free moment she can out of her busy motherhood life to make sure we keep in touch and help share our content with the world. Nicole recently started our Trainer apprentice program, and we look forward to having her be a Full-time member of our amazing family soon.

Reward-Based Dog Training 

Find the top-notch dog training services you and your pet deserve. Our dog training relies on a positive, reward-based philosophy. We tailor all training packages to suit your lifestyle, your dog's ability level, and the level of training you desire. 

Training is available in three formats: 


Located in the, FL area, Solutions offers training, boarding, and grooming for of all breeds and sizes. Read on to learn more about our services, or contact us today for pricing and scheduling information!  We provide FREE consultations at our facility or can provide in-home consultations for a charge.
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